Kathputli or Puppet show is one of its kind in Rajasthan. The art of presenting puppet dance with a short story is always a show stealer. People visiting Rajasthan love to book a ticket for a puppet show and here people love to book the Rajasthan Kathputli puppet show for their party, functions, or any occasion to entertain their guests. Puppet show booked for any particular functions is themed accordingly, many times representing family members or committee members. Kathputli Puppet show includes a puppet dance show of Rajasthan.

‘Orchestra Party’ stages Jaipur Kathputli Puppet show to entertain the audience. ‘Orchestra Party’ organizes the best puppet show with its team for every booking occasion or ceremony. A Puppet show hosted by ‘Orchestra Party’ from the top and experienced artists surely steals away the show making the event memorable for the attending guests.

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