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Drain in the folk music of Rajasthan which is soulful and appreciated for its kind of music and instruments. Steal the magical time of a musical evening arranging Rajasthan theme event for any special occasion from ‘Orchestra Party’. The loud noise of the city and western songs are affecting our roots and cultural folk songs. Make the celebration large by adding the spice of Rajasthani cultural folk song and dance flavor to arrange an epic event dedicated to your loved ones.

‘Orchestra Party’ a band of more than 60 folk musicians is always ready to hot Rajasthan theme event for any occasion or theme event in Jaipur. Celebrating some event like organizing a musical evening or party for something special or any kind of celebration, definitely calls for Rajasthani event organizers. A soul - touching music of Rajasthan folk drives the musical evening to another level of experiencing folk music in the loud noise of the city. Team of ‘Orchestra party’ having Rajasthani folk dance group artists presents a Rajasthani theme party in Jaipur.

Make your dream special event into a memorable one with the performance by the artists from ‘Orchestra Party’ always to serve and take on the tour of the magical soul of Rajasthani folk.

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